Minggu, 16 April 2017

Ask an Expert

Mira: Assalamualaikum wr ... wb ......
Eni: Waalaikum salam wr ... wb .....
Mira: Mirawati introduce my name, I come from the city Nangga Pinoh, and now I'm studying at university Tanjongpura economic education majors. whether I should interview you and your expertise?
Eni: Of course permissible.
Mira: What's your real name?
Eni: Eni Sumardi.
Mira: the place, date of birth?
Eni: Pontianak 23 april 1980.
Mira: your real address where?
Eni: Megatimur, Siantan, Pontianak.
Mira: The address you now?
Eni: New Town, Pontianak.
Mira: What's your expertise?
Eni: I can sew.
Mira: you start sewing since when?
Eni: I menegenal sewing of 2000 and in 2000 I also do a sewing course.
Mira: Why did you choose a sewing course?
Eni: as told to the parents and to the provision of the fore later in order to sew professionally and useful to help people who need a tailor and I can help him.
Mira: Do you feel successful and proud to have the sewing skills?
Eni: yes, I feel successful and of course I am proud for sewing work is noble work and helping people.
Mira: what would you do to the customers so that your stitching results are always preferred by your own customers?
Eni: I am trying to convince my customers with my sewing products according to customer's right on my own, and I always liked the customer alhamdullilah stitching result I always sew for them because they think I'm always right hasilo stitches with what they want.
Mira: What makes you hang on to open this business?
Eni: I survive because this is my effort elaborated and was very fruitful for me and my family.
Mira: what is your message to young people who intend to learn to sew?
Eni: Keep studying and keep learning to have a lot of expertise, be what you want to learn it as a hobby and be engaged in order to get good results because of good business is not going to betray the result.
Mira: Thank you for the time you give, hopefully is beneficial for many people.
Eni: yes, same same.

Jumat, 14 April 2017

story displacement class

Assalamualaikum wr....wb.....
One morning precisely on Tuesday, before I go to college I wake up at dawn and I was praying at dawn, after morning prayers I was packing to get ready to go to college, and Tuesday also are subjects of English, I came in just at the moment course English but regular room we use are american corner University Tanjungpura was used by other activities and we did, moved to British cultureand learning center to continue learning English, we also work on a job mom and we collect, after learning our English language complete.
Here's my story, thank you for your attention.

Rabu, 29 Maret 2017

if I live without parental support

Assalamualaikum wr...wb...
If I live without the support of parents and family, I would not like this. Because, they are the first who have always supported me when I fell and in the end I got up and they are always advised me every day and without them I would not be strong like this.
Parents for me is everything in my life. I can not imagine that without their guidance from childhood until now and they always taught me about the real meaning of life. They are angels of God entrusted to me and every journey of my life, I always ask for the blessing of my parents for their blessing of God's blessing as well. the support of all my family also motivates me until my trip so far.
I have always been motivated by a father, a father who has always worked hard for me, that self-sacrificing work it hot in order to meet the family economy. And mother always worked hard in order to see me biased meet the needs of my lecture. what I got, if there is no support from my parents, without their support might I could not continue my journey so far, I am very grateful to my parents and all my family who have always supported, taught and guided me into someone who is more powerful, and better 

Kamis, 16 Maret 2017

My skills

Assalamualaikum wr...wb....

This time I will explain about my abilities, when my elementary school I have the ability to be responsive to the lessons given by the teacher, I like counting, reading, writing and above my abilities that I am very grateful that I was finally able to enter the champion class 3 major and I will always strive to provide the best for my parents.
By the time I entered junior high school I entered in madrasah there I keep digging my ability, I am at a time in my madrasah has the ability to speak Arabic though not completely, and I have the ability to read the Al-Qur'an well and a better understanding of the religious sciences , At the time I was at the school I also have the ability to play the guitar and playing volleyball and I used to teach my sisters and my ability to play the guitar playing volleyball I have done by joining the contests between schools and outside school.
At the time I was on my high school over again hone my skills in calculating such as mathematics and other subjects. And I'm grateful high schools I could go in 3rd place in the class and finished my high school I chose majors related to counting, business and entrepreneurship, because I have entrepreneurship skills and want to be a successful businessman and I entered in education economy, although later I became a teacher but I want to open the side job, hopefully I can be successful and continue to strive, to pray and trust .amin

Selasa, 07 Maret 2017

Tugas vocabulary Focus

Profession of an economist
 1.   Vocabulary
Society            : masyarakat
Goods             : barang-barang
Labor              : tenaga kerja
Effor               : usaha
Satisfy             : memberi kepuasan
Analyze           : menganalisa
Determine       : menentukan
Benefits           : kebaikan
Employed        : dipekerjakan
Engage             : mengikutsertakan
Develop           : berkembang
Theoretical      : teroris
Provide            : menyediakan
Government    : pemerintah
Wears              : pemakaian
Forecast           : ramalan
Half                 : paruhan/separuh
Gains               : laba
Loses               : kehilangan
Useful             : berguna
Investment      : investasi
Firms               : perusahaan/firma
French             : orang prancis/prancis
Existence         : adanya/keadaan
Assured           : percaya
Fringe              : pinggiran
Prefers             : lebih suka
Risktaking       : mengambil resiko
Initiative          : inisiatif
Employee        : pegawai/pekerja
Percentage       : presentase
Measured        : telah diperhitungkan
Increase           : pertambahan
Regarded        : menghormati
Wage               : gaji
Independence : kemerdekaan,kebebasan
Tax                  : pajak
Revenues         : pendapatan
Resorces          : sumber penghasilan

Exercise 1
1.      Check
2.      Monitor
3.      Monitor
4.      Control
5.      Control

Exercise 2
1)      Costs (n)                : P. 1, L : 6 meaning expenses, outlay
2)      Monitor (v)            : P. 5, L : 2 meaning control, manage
3)      Flair(n)                  : P. 4, L : 5 meaning skill, talent, inclination
4)      Entrepreneur (n)    : p. 4, L : 3 meaning employer
5)      Forecast (n)           : P. 3, L : 1 meaning prediction
6)      Provide (v)            : P. 2, L : 4 meaning supply, equip, outfit
7)      Job-setting (n)       : P. 2, L : 1 meaning place of work
8)      Liable(a)                : P. 5, L : 4 meaning responsible

Exercise 3
1.      Self-employed means having the qualities that are needed to succeed as an entrepreneur.
2.      An entrepreneurial is a person who sets up business and business deals .
3.      A tycoon is a person who is successful in business and so has become rich and powerful .
4.     The industry will have to pass its increased benefits or fringe benefits on to the consumer .
5.      The management will qualify  accommodation, food and drink for thirty people .
6.      He as alwas been liable for his children .
7.      The provide of the job include a car and free health insurance .
8.      He won’t  forecasts as an economist until next year.
9.    An individual hoping to start up a new company needs to have entrepreneurial flair or telent .
10.   Unfortunately coasts of higher profist did not come true .
11.   Economists are concerned with the production distribution and consumption .

Sabtu, 04 Maret 2017

Why i continue my study to University level


My name Mirawati, commonly called mira. I am 18 years old. I come from Melawi western Borneo. I am the first child of two siblings. My hobby is playing guitar, walks, reading and playing volleyball. Now I'm wandering in Pontianak West Borneo Indonesia. My goal as a teacher. Want to know more, read until the bottom Hehehe
The reason I study at the university, of course I want to seek knowledge and experience even more, so that someday I can be successful people armed with knowledge and experience I have gained at university level. I also went on to study at the university level because of my own free will and in order to realize the expectations of my parents who wanted to see me succeed and it is trust that I always remember and implement a way to learn well in order to get the best. I went on to study at the university level so that later I can get a good job and any of these jobs will I carried well. the time I went on to study at the university level I had to wander the city people. But it will not make me sad because I wanted to be a successful person when I return to the homeland, and I have to be strong and fight for my parents happy.
I majored in economics education for graduate economics education can not only be a teacher even economic education graduates can work in the company and have an entrepreneurial spirit so they can open their own business. n economic education also I know more science, so that I can more learn how manage economy well with good planning and economic education as well I can manage finances well, learn to set aside money although a little for the future. I also want to continue the effor my parents when I've finished college, and therefore I chose economic education so that I can more deeply ilmi-entrepreneurship knowledge and sciences are related to public education so that I get a lot of knowledge to equip me later.